Father’s Day Special – Songs/Bands about Dad

Pic of Homer

Man, the pickings were slim for this one. Dad’s are just as good as mom’s. Why doesn’t anyone write songs about dad’s. And most of the song’s about dad don’t paint him in a very glowing light.

But we, being dads, here at Arizona Premiere Music, like dads. So we did our best to scratch together a list of songs or groups that have some relativity to dads/fathers/papas.

Here you go Padres: (click on the hyperlinked song titles to hear the songs).

1. “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by the Temptations. I for one have never called my dad “papa”. And my dad was not a rolling stone. Although he really likes the Rolling Stones. And he likes the Temptations. This being my favorite Temp song, when they were in their psychedelic phase. Anyway, maybe not the best representation of what a dad should be, but a cool song nonetheless.

2. “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin. Again, not the best endorsement of dear old dad.  The song is basically about an absentee dad who raises a son who becomes an absentee dad.  Like father, like son.  Good song though.  I better get home to the kids.

3. “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna.  Not one of my favorite people on the face of this earth. But I do like some of her music.  Especially when she gets preachy. Or, in this case, telling her dad not to get preachy.  A very endearing song about a conflicted girl who is having a baby out of wedlock, or is waying other options.  Good luck with that. I’m sure Mr. Madonna (Danny Aielo?) was right proud of his little girl when she presented this song to him.

4. “Surrender” by Cheap Trick.  I told you last time we met (have we met?) that I was going to repeat this song on my Father’s Day post.  I never had any Kiss records for mom and dad to roll numbers (?) too, but my mom and dad were alright.  And not really that weird.  So…ya know.

5. “California Dreamin‘” by The Mamas and the Papas.  I told you the pickings were slim for songs about dear old dad.  So I had to stretch and include bands with “Papa” in the title.  Since my dad was born and raised in California, and grew up in the 60’s when this song was at the height of it’s popularity, I included in the list.

6. “Mama Don’t Dance” by Loggins and Messina. Yes, I know, the TITLE of the song doesn’t even include the word “Dad”, “Father”, or “Papa”.  But the chorus does, so that made it work.  Before Kenny Loggins was riding the highway to the danger zone he was part of a duo with Jim Messina (co-founder of Poco) True, my mama didn’t dance, but she and my dad did rock ‘n roll. A lot. Check out the Muppet-like appearance of Mr. Loggins in the linked up video.  Very goofy.

7. “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. I don’t even like this song or the band.  But “Papa” is in the band title.  Come on people write more dad oriented songs!

Well, happy Father’s Day dads.  Rock on!

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