Album Spotlight of the Week: The Steps

 The Steps

I’ve been listening to this album now for about the last 2 months and simply haven’t had an opportunity to review it, so here goes…finally.

We were asked to take a listen to this one by Ryan Cano, owner of The Loyalty Firm, and since it’s hard for us to turn down free music, how could we resist? …especially when he keeps sending us music like this (thanks Ryan, and keep it coming).

The Steps self-titled debut album sounds like less of a debut and more of an encore.  The songs definitely have a pop-friendly sound without sacrificing either substance or form.  They seem to work from a fairly standard song structure, but overlay some interesting chord changes and progressions that help twist this structure into something that makes them difficult to classify.  There is an edge to their music that is genuine rather than manufactured, and in an age where it has become increasingly difficult to tell whether a band REALLY looks or sounds the way they do, or if they’ve been told they should look and sound that way by some focus group, it is nice to see and hear the real thing.

Rather than just run through the album song by song, I’ll just say that there is plenty here for everyone.  There are lots of different sounds and influences that have been twisted and turned into something that is both current and relevant, and ultimately, something that I would recommend listening to.  It is easy to tell that their touring in Japan and the U.K. have helped to hone them into a very tight bunch in the studio, and that’s important to me –  anyone can sound great in the studio, but if you haven’t been tested on the road, you are just a one-dimensional studio band.  The recording quality, something I’m especially critical of, is also crisp and well-produced with plenty of punch, and it sounds great in the car. 

Enough talk, if you are interested in listening to the album go to The Steps MySpace page, or you can buy it on iTunes.  Give ’em a listen, or go check them out live – when you are on their page, check out their tour schedule.  They sound great in the studio, but I can tell you that I for one will go see them live the next time they’re in town.

Proving once again that we are the guys who talk about more than just Phoenix real estate; we talk about the things we enjoy and the things we have a passion for, and we hope that, at the very least, you can see that.  We invite you to comment or to suggest other topics about which we have perhaps not yet spoken.  Thanks again for listening


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