Punk rockers or flunky poseurs


The punk rockers in my high school (including my sister and some of her friends) used to crack me up.  Punk rock was born out of rebellion. Anti-establishment.  The punk that became famous, ie. The Sex Pistols, Clash, and The Ramones was born out of economic distress and lack of opportunity and a backlash against the glitzy, shimmering scene of disco.  Which begs the question of those punks in my high school. What were you rebelling against while driving around in the BMW mom and dad passed down to you?

Anyway, I hasten to guess that most of the punks from my area had no idea of the origins of punk.  Namely bands like The Stooges, New York Dolls, and MC5.  Even songs like Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” might be considered a precursor to the punk sound.  But the attitude was definitely spawned from the aforementioned Stooges and Dolls.

Songs like the Dolls “Mystery Girls” and the Stooges “1969″ laid the ground work for the sneering cynicism of the Sex Pistols and the reckless abandon of the Ramones.  And although they didn’t carry the punk images of piercings, spiked hair, and leather, David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) and Iggy Pop led the charge of pre-punk rebellion as much or more so than Johnny Rotten, Joey Ramone, and Joe Strummer.

So kids, (and my sister’s friends) before you go thinking you’ve created something new and revolutionary, know your history.  More than likely someone before was on top of the idea loooooonnnnng before you.

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