When good artists go bad


Originally when I was formulating the idea for this post I was thinking of composing another top 10 list.  The original subject was going to be the 10 Worst Songs Ever.  But then, I couldn’t think of 10 really bad songs.  Oh, I know there are thousands out there. Maybe it’s my mind’s own defense mechanism.  It only wants to retain the memories of good songs.

However, the jist of my original post was going to be bad songs written by great artists.  To which I’ve listed a couple below.  The criteria being that these songs were performed and/or written by legendary artists.  But somewhere they went astray.

Anyway, we would love to get your own personal contributions to the list as well so please do comment.  I’ll get the list started: (I’ve included YouTube hyperlinks for your listening, er uh, pleasure).

“We Built This City” by Starship.  Probably the worst song ever written.  More so when you consider it can from the bastard child of the once proud Jefferson Airplane, one of the premiere bands of the San Francisco Sound of the 1960’s.  As a long time San Francisco resident (the subject city noted in the song) I am ashamed, offended, and appalled by this song.  So many great songs have been written by Jefferson Airplane/Starship and about San Francisco.  To combine the two in one such affront to the musical senses is almost genius, if it weren’t so bad.

“Dancing in the Street” performed by Mick Jagger and David Bowie.  My first impulse when I ever hear this song is to say, “what the f?”  Now don’t get me wrong, the original song performed by Martha and the Vandellas was a great song.  But this version is hideous.  And the video…well, I’m embarrased FOR Mick and David.  These are two of my favorite artists of all time. Why they felt compelled to do this song (especially when a much better cover was done a few years earlier by Van Halen) is beyond me.  If they had just left it at the audio recording of the song it might not have had such a negative impression on me. But again, the video.  Ugggggh (that’s me shivering a la Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes and having them whack him in the face).

Please send us your best of the worst. We look forward (maybe not) to hearing them.

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2 Responses

  1. What about “Rico Suave” by Gerardo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx64_N4AA04 ? It’s pretty terrible. Do not watch on a full stomach.

  2. McCartney and Stevie Wonder collaborating on Ebony and Ivory was pretty awful

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