Introducing an Production: Mr. Freedom

Here you go folks.  We’ve talked about it and now it’s finally here in all its glory:  Mr. Freedom.  We recorded this one over a year ago, but we’ve got to back even further for the story on this one. 

Jerry wrote this one during the first Gulf War in 1991 and “never thought the opportunity for it to make its comeback would arise again.”  He brought this idea up to me that he had written this song and I said “let’s record it.”  Jerry came over and laid down the rhythm guitar and lead vocal tracks on CoolEdit2000.  We then shipped it off to Rob Commer so that he could work out on the drums.  I never met Rob until much later, but he then sent it back to me for the lead guitars, some studio processing work, and the vocal harmony at the end. 

The product, Mr. Freedom, which Jerry later had copyright protected, exceeded our wildest expectations, and we’d like to do more, but with busy real estate careers in Phoenix, my six-month-old daughter and Jerry with 2 kids of his own, it is certainly hard to find the time.  We are pretty proud of this release, so don’t be too critical – we have no formal training; we just enjoy trying to make music – but let us know what you think. 


Jerry Murphy - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Writing
Ben Bailey - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rob Commer - Drums

6 Responses

  1. this tune rocks!

  2. Great song!

  3. Great job guys, keep up the creative work.

  4. Hi Jerry! Your song is great…keep writing and recording. As a fellow musician, I would love to hear more. Let me know if you need female vocals… Susan

  5. Well how ’bout that! You guys sound great. I’m jving in my seat! “Mr. Free- dom”!

  6. Good One.

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