Album Spotlight of the week: The Police “Zenyatta Mondatta”




The Police’s 1980 release “Zenyatta Mondatta“, thier third studio album, is when the band really hit their stride.  On this album they broke from what remained of their punk influences and incorporated more world beats and sounds as in songs like “Behind My Camel” and “Bombs Away”.

Although the album was rushed due to tour time constraints The Police exhibit their musical prowess and songwriting skills more so on this album than their previous two releases.  The singles “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” and “De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da” were the standout songs on the album, but like any classic album it’s the deep track songs that really make it a standout.  “Driven to Tears”, “When the World is Running Down” and “Man in a Suitcase” are some of The Police’s finest tunes and stand up to any preceding or succeeding tracks from their other albums.

Every band hits a point in their careers where everything starts to click.  For some it’s short lived.  Zennatta Mondatta marked the beginning of a fabulous run of three incredible albums for The Police.


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  1. This album is arrestingly entertaining.

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