Album Spotlight of the Week: Talking Book

Talking Book is one of those albums that makes you enjoy it even more every time you listen to it.  The album is extremely hard to pin down in terms of its sound because it captures such a wide arc of different influences.  It is at times hard driving and funky with a song like “Superstition” but is also soft and subtle when it comes to a song like “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”.  I think that though the albums “Innervisions” and “Songs in the Key of Life” get their due credit, “Talking Book” often gets passed-over, or is only referenced for the value of its two best-known single tracks, but I think the entire album is worthy of much praise.

Though most of the instrumentation (and production) was performed by Stevie Wonder, he was joined by a number of great artists who help make this album one that you might not own, but should.  I myself hadn’t listened to it for a while, but I’m listening to it as I write, and I find myself asking why I have neglected it as long as I have.  Go out and get it, or if you have it, dust it off and get listening.

I could talk about it all day, but rather than listen to me, listen to the whole album here.  Enjoy.


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