Live Music Links

I know this is an incredibly short post, but I have completely forgotten to include you guys on a couple of my favorite links when it comes to live music: is, for me, the quintessential live music fan’s database of all manner of live music from the Allman Brothers Band to Zero, and most everything in between.  These guys have saved me countless times when it came to finding things, and because my own live music collection is not catalogued and exists on tapes (yes cassette tapes – and I even still have my deck just in case), cds and electronic media, most of the time, these guys help me find things in my own collection.  Thanks is another site that will blow your mind.  I mean, where else can you listen to the original recording of Rhapsody in Blue (first part here, second part here), listen to one of 5,666 items in the Grateful Dead archive (my favorite section) – you can also browse any of the 3,016 bands in the live music archive band list – or you can listen to independent labels, internet labels, rare recordings, speeches, poetry, you name it.  It is definitely one of my favorite favorites.

I hope you find these of some use.


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