If you’ve visited our music blog before you’ve probably noticed the little link on the right hand side “What we’re listening to right now.”  This is being fed by, a fantastic streaming audio online radio station.

The thing I really like about is how it allows you to customize your own radio station.  Now, my tastes in music are pretty eclectic and widespread, so finding a radio station that suits my listening desires is very difficult.  Which is exactly why is a Godsend for me.  It allows me to choose the music I want to listen to and weed out the music I don’t want to listen to.

In addition to the music progam editing aspect of the site you can gain knowledge about your favorite artists.  As each song begins to play the site updates the screen with a biography section about each band.  Most of the information is very interesting and insightful, and might win some drinks for you at the bar.

But the best thing about is that IT’S COMMERCIAL FREE!  Not even station promos.  How refreshing is that?


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