Amy Winehouse needs to stay in rehab…

Anyone who has any respect and adulation for Nelson Mandela had to be appalled and disgusted with Amy Winehouse’s appearance last week at the 90th Birthday celebration for the former President of South Africa.

I hope it was an act she was putting on, because if she couldn’t find it in herself to clean up for this event she needs to be banned from the pop music scene all together.

What was a fantastic show, up to the point Winehouse took the stage, turn into a voyueristic travel of public self destruction, coming to a crescendo when some bright individual chose Winehouse to lead the star studded chorus rendition of The Specials “Free Nelson Mandela”.   Winehouse could barely mutter the lyrics let alone stand up.  At one point in the song she completely forgot the lyrics turning to the other singers on stage for assistance.  At other points in the song she was merely off beat, out of tune, and out of her head.  It was completely evident that many of her fellow artists on stage (including singers of South African descent) did not appreciate the inebriated, disrespectful version of a such poignant paen to a true humanitarian.

Unfortunately in today’s pop culture this type of behavior seems to be lauded rather than reprimanded.

Click here to see Amy in all her glory.


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  1. Its sign of communication demoralization. Something need to be done before thing getthing worst.

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