Top Ten Live Albums of All Time

I like lists.  I think they spark conversation and get people thinking.  So on that note I’ve decided to list what I consider the Top Ten Live Albums of All Time.  Now the criteria here is not exact.  It’s not necessarily based on sales, nor is it based solely on sound quality.  It’s more of a subjective thing.  Yes, most of these albums were HUGE sellers.  But another aspect that was considered in the compilation of this list is the energy the band brings or how the live version of the songs trumped the studio versions and thereby launched some of these artists into superstardom. So without futher adieu, here are the Top Ten Live Albums of All Time.  Let us hear what you think.

10. The Band – “The Last Waltz”  As the name of the album implies, this was The Band’s swansong.  Recorded at San Francisco’s Winterland in 1976 and caught on film by Martin Scorsese, this album captures the energy and musical talent that made The Band Dylan’s band.  Guest appearances from the Staple Singers to Van Morrison to Dylan himself make this album a truly remarkable achievement.  


9. Ted Nugent – “Double Live Gonzo”  The Motorcity Madmen was hitting on all cylinders on this 1978 release.  Much like many of the artists on this list Ted Nugent’s energy could not be captured well in the studio.  With such classics as “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Stranglehold” and “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” the Nuge created a classic in an era of classic live albums.

8. Neil Young – “Rust Never Sleeps” Part live, part studio, the live version of “Hey, hey, my, my” blows away the studio version and single handedly puts this album on the list.  Neil Young and his band Crazy Horse were renowned for their live shows and ushered in the grunge sound about 15 years prior to Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

(Click here for the rest of the list)


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