1975-1985. Best period in pop music ever.

The period 1975-1985 in my opinion marks the zenith in pop music. When one reflects on the number of influences and changes in music during that 10 year span it is truly awe inspiring.

This period marked the beginning of several long sub genres of music including punk, new wave, and rap/hip hop, while also ushering in the fad that was disco, and seeing heavy metal blossom into a full fledged player on the music scene. No other period in popular music saw or has seen such an explosion of unique musical creativity.

Let us know if you agree with this musical assesment.

Click here for a list of the greatest pop albums of 1975-1985.



One Response

  1. Of course, it’s pretty much true (there was a moment in the early 90s where certain 80s synth/New Wave acts — Associates, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, New Order, Electronic — hit their height at the same time hiphop peaked — Public Enemy, De La Soul, Son of Bazerk — that produced work worthy of the 75-85 golden age).

    But maybe 77 is coming back?

    Lindsey Buckingham (genius behind Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”) has a new single: “Did You Miss Me” — it’s absolutely beautiful and undeniably catchy. A real pop masterpiece and my favorite single of the year. Check it out on iTunes or Amazon.com! Also, his new album hits stores 09/16/08! I can’t wait.

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