Arizona’s Top 10 All-Time Musicians

Although not as prolific and influential as the artists from New York, San Francisco, and L.A., Phoenix, and Arizona in general has spawned a surprisingly talented group of musicians over the decades.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out some of the bands/performers who call Arizona their home.

10. Bill Spooner (most famously of The Tubes) – Bill was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where he honed his musical skills on guitar. In 1970, Bill moved to San Francisco where he met up with the remaining members of what soon become The Tubes.  The Tubes had some small hits in the 70’s including “White Punks on Dope” but really hit big with their 1982 hit “Talk To You Later” followed up by “She’s A Beauty”.  The band disbanded in 1989.  Bill has recorded solo albums and currently has several other projects going on in the Bay Area.

9. Meat Puppets – The Meat Puppets were formed in Phoenix in 1980 starting out as a punk band but soon becoming darlings of the college radio and burgeoning alternative music scene of the mid to late 80’s.  The song “Backwater” released in 1992 was their only hit. The Meat Puppets disbanded in 1996, reunited, and then disbanded again in 2002.


8.  Jimmy Eat World – Formed in Mesa, AZ in 1993 by childhood friends Jim Adkins (guitar/vocals) and drummer Zach Lind.  They quickly become an indie scene favorite building a large local following.  Their 2001 release “The Middle” became their became biggest hit reaching #5 on the Billboard Charts

To view the rest of the list click here.




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